Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 49 -- The Three-Set Class

I won't deny I was nervous when I signed up for Jeff's Three-Set Class, but the fact that it would count as a double was plenty of motivation despite my anxiety.

I needn't have worried. Jeff is serious about yoga, but doesn't take himself seriously. There were so many great things about the two and a half hours:

  • Jeff deconstructed many of the asanas, showing what they were designed to do and why. Layering new info onto experience at a high level of detail is one of my favorite things, and this class was no exception.
  • He also showed us a lot of advanced postures that build off of the basic ones we do in class, which was inspiring and mind-blowing. I didn't know the human body could do some of the things that he and Roxanne showed us. Wow.
  • The pace was slightly slower, which meant I could catch my breath and really focus on trying new things and feeling new ways to do things I already knew.
  • We got lots of attention and praise as we worked our hardest to rise to new levels. 
  • The energy in the room was high--lots of laughter, lots of intensity, lots of whooping and cheering. 

When it was all done, I felt great; I think all of us were sorry that it was over. Jesse had kidded that the class shouldn't be worth a full two stars on our Challenge charts, but I swear: we earned them.

I would definitely do another three-set class in the future; I hear cool things are being planned for the fall, and I don't think I'll be nervous about signing up again.

"You'll be higher than a kite when you leave here," Jeff promised early in the class. He was right.

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