Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 33 -- SuperLocust

A pattern:

a) I wake up feeling crummy and like I don't want to go to yoga.
b) I go anyway.
c) I leave class feeling fantastic.

Class was great today. I really love Y Thuan's detailed instructions and insistence on correct form. Jeff was in class today, as he often is. Since I focus so hard on myself in class, I don't often see what others around me are doing. But today, I finished Locust before Jeff did and saw him coming out of the posture, since he was to my right and my head was facing that way in savasana.

Mind. Blown.

Why? Here's how I had been visualizing the asana:

And that's what I'd been doing (but with my legs at a fraction of that height). But Jeff looked like this (except with his face on the mat):


I didn't know that was possible. Crazy skillz and strength, and something new to which to aspire.  

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