Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 41 -- Back in the Saddle

Yesterday I wrote about yoga on my writing blog, so don't miss that post.

My six-year-old woke up healthy, praise all that's holy, so off to school she went. I got ready to do a double yoga session, but knew that if I checked my phone after the first class and had a message from the school, that would have to do.

I always love Brook's class, so I was glad to start my Friday with her. I was surrounded by teachers in the very full room, which made for a lovely energy. My new thing in Standing Head to Knee is being able to hold my foot with a proper grip--except now my knee is skewed way out to the side. I talked to Roxanne about it after class, and she encouraged me to keep trying to round down and hollow out my front side. I'll keep at it, because I'm probably a little too obsessed with this posture.

And my phone had no messages from the school, so into Jeff's 11am class I went. Jeff has an eagle eye and is great about encouraging students not to give up. There's no phoning it in with him. And, just like in Wednesday's double, the sense of calm enveloped me and carried me through the class.

I've never experienced anything quite like the post-yoga high. The air seems clearer and more fragrant; everything is more beautiful, more delicious, more noteworthy. I floated home and got a 10-minute power nap after showering, and then it was time to go get the kids. Another double in the books; two more to go.

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  1. I skipped yesterday and didn't want to go this morning so I decided to catch up on your blog. It was just what I needed and I'm off for my 90 minute moving meditation because of your encouragement and example. I look forward to finish reading everything I've missed when I get home. Have a great day.