Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 37 -- Reality

My youngest woke up with a fever this morning, which meant taking her to the doctor this morning instead of taking her to school and then heading to Brook's 9am Bikram yoga class.

I felt discouraged about the shuffle and about life in general, so I went online to see if I could find anyone else who had chronicled their 60-day challenge. Success! I was interested to read Aimee Macovic's chronicle, since she practices in Austin, Texas--which is where my Bikramite brother-in-law lives. And then we left for the pediatrician's office.

So. Instead of Standing Head to Knee, I practiced Standing in Line for a Chest X-Ray (to rule out pneumonia). I figured I'd go to the 4:30 class once my six-year-old was back in bed with her teenage sisters to keep an eye on her.

But the installation of our new home security system ran very long (still going on, in fact). And we got school progress reports today, and a couple of people needed a reality check regarding grades. And on and on and on.

No yoga today. I'm back to needing to do three doubles in order to complete the Sixty-Day Challenge. I plan to do one on Wednesday, one on Friday, and (if I'm not dead) possibly one on Thursday. If I can't make Thursday work due to extreme fatigue, I'll go for another next Wednesday.

I knew this would happen, this reality thing. I've got five kids in three different schools (not counting the two who are away at college); the system breaks down every once in a while, and my family is my first priority. I'll get back to class tomorrow. I already miss it.

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