Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 48 -- Good Feeling

Class was great today. Jeff always gets me to work even harder than I think I can, and even though I still stink at Triangle, I'm happy with my progress in so many other postures. And now I feel great. It's that simple. It's the time of the month when I'm normally feeling super anxious and irritable, but right now? It's all mellow.

Tomorrow is Jeff's special three-set class. THREE sets of all 26 asanas instead of two. It should take about two hours, he says. I'm going, largely because it counts as a double and I still have two of those to do, but also because he's going to show us some advanced expressions of the postures, which sounds really inspiring. And a lot of my yoga friends will be there, so we'll all be in it together.

One thing that makes me happy about Bikram Yoga Pasadena is the HUGE range of people that show up to class. The diversity is SO cool--all ages, ethnicities, orientations, walks of life--I love it. Not only is it a diverse group, it's an open, accepting, tolerant, and supportive group. These are good people trying hard to be better. It's always uplifting to be among them.

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