Friday, April 3, 2015

Day 34 -- Breath

I had a hard time catching my breath during the standing series today. Jeff always encourages me to work my very hardest, so maybe I overdid it a bit. I was pleased with my progress in Standing Bow Pose in particular and didn't want to let up. But then I had to sit out one set of Triangle. I need to find the balance.

What made it harder today was that there was a man near me who kept huffing and puffing through his mouth throughout the class. Hearing him struggle so obviously somehow made my struggle more difficult. But it also made me focus more on keeping my own breath under control, and remember how I never want to be a distraction to anyone around me in class.

I was able to breathe normally through the floor series; I took Jeff's stillness/refueling advice seriously. After class, I opened my sun roof and car windows to let in the fresh spring air--but then got behind a driver holding a cigarette out the window. The distant smoke smell made me grateful all over again for healthy lungs that are getting stronger with every yoga class.

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