Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 39 -- Back-to-Back

Today was a double day--and this time, I did the classes one after the other. I was nervous about this; I started preparing yesterday by making sure I had plenty of electrolytes.

Val's 9am class was first, and it wasn't my easiest. The good part was that Eva was there and had made so much progress that spontaneous applause and hoots of encouragement broke out. Go, Eva!

But I had a hard time focusing, and at one point felt so tired that I had no idea HOW in the world I'd ever get through another entire class, let alone the one I was in. But I forced that fear out of my mind and worked even harder on being in the moment.

After class, I sat in the foyer with a couple of friends I've made, drank my first Vitamin Water, and just rested in the blessed cool air. By the time it was time to go in for Miranda's 11am class, I felt a bit restored.

Half Moon was tough; my neck was just plain fatigued. But then, somewhere in the middle of the standing series, it stopped being quite so hard. A wave of calm washed over me, and I got some kind of second wind. I finished the rest of the class with serenity. And that second Vitamin Water went down pretty smoothly.

When I got home, I felt great mood-wise, but I'm not gonna lie. My thighs felt like two slabs of meat.  (Just now, though, Patrick rubbed a bunch of eucalyptus basil stress relief cream into them, and they feel as good as new.) Before all the after school routine started, I was able to snatch a 30-minute nap after making and drinking more of my homemade electrolyte drink, and the rest of the day went just fine.

I'll do another back-to-back double on Friday, circumstances permitting. Now that I've done it once, I won't have the anxiety of the unknown. I can finish this challenge!

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  1. "Anxiety of the Unknown" I have never heard it said like that. Can relate. GOOD JOB!