Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 2 -- Making Room

Today's class was more difficult because I was trying my best to do the breathing Val taught me on Saturday. She assures me that, though it's exhausting, it will pay off in the long run.

It's Monday, the day I look at the week ahead and brace myself for the many challenges ahead. Last week was less eventful, and I was able to fit yoga in relatively easily. This week will be trickier.

I've got seven kids--six of our own plus a foster daughter. My two oldest are in college, which means that, while they're always in my heart, they don't affect my schedule much unless they need a paper proofread or their dining hall points topped up. But the other five: they're in three different schools, with all kinds of extracurricular activities going on every day of the week. They keep me busy.

Mondays are late in/early out for me, meaning that my high schoolers go to school 2.5 hours later than usual, and my other kids come home 2 hours earlier than usual. I have about three hours to myself, so I'll always need to do the 9am class on Mondays as a result.

On Tuesday mornings, I meet with my writing group until lunchtime. That's non-negotiable; I need them, and so does my career. On Tuesdays, I'll need the 6:30pm class.

Wednesdays are a little more free, though evening classes won't work, since my girls are at our church youth group. I think I'll plan on the 11am class.

Ditto for Thursdays and Fridays. I don't want to shortchange our Corgi, Moneypenny, so I think it'll work best later in the week if I walk her before class. This morning, I could barely manage a half hour's walk with her after yoga class, and she needs more like 45-60 minutes, with hills.

Saturdays, I'll try to get there early in the day. On Sunday, there are only four classes, and because of church obligations, I'll plan on the 5pm class. (I couldn't do that yesterday because of the kids' piano recital; I'll need to do a "double"--two classes in one day (likely a Saturday) to make up for that.

Of course, this week, dentist appointments, etc. will mess all of the above up, and I'll have to scramble. But scramble I will! I'm determined to do this right. Long ago, my mentor Claudia Bushman taught me that when taking on a new project, to be very conscious about what I'll give up to make room. Never just assume you'll fit it in; be mindful and plan at least a day ahead. I've tried to follow her advice ever since, and it will definitely help me as I work toward completing the 60-Day Challenge.

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