Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 17 -- The Twenty-Second Vacation

Today during the floor series, Byron encouraged us to treat each savasana as a twenty-second vacation. "Relax into it as fully and as quickly as you can," he counseled. "Enjoy the sensation of complete relaxation after your complete exertion."

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy savasana, and it's even better as I learn to set aside potential distractions. The smell of the Bikram room used to hit me like a brick when I walked in, but now I barely notice it. (That makes me a little paranoid, actually, but there it is.) My hair, my sweat, my clothes, my increasingly sodden towel--I'm getting better at ignoring them all as I sink into the floor in savasana.

Today, in final savasana, I had a hard time not smiling (though I could have, of course). After each and every class, no matter how it has gone, I feel so GOOD. I'm committed to many more twenty-second vacations in the days and weeks to come.

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