Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 21 -- Habit

I remember hearing somewhere that it takes twenty-one days of consistent effort to instill a habit. I've missed three classes out of the past twenty-one days due to schedule conflicts, so maybe I'm not to habit stage yet, but it's definitely getting easier to incorporate class into my day.

Recovery is getting better, too, especially as I take time to hydrate, eat well, and rest plenty. Have I accomplished as much as I'd like in the past three weeks? No. But I have learned to slow down and be a little more zen about how things are going.

Patrick came to class with me early this morning, which was great; I always love having his company. My problem with first-thing class is that I don't feel hydrated enough. Maybe I should set my alarm for 4am next Saturday, drink a big glass of water, and then go back to sleep. We'll see.

I feel strong and clear-headed. I also feel grateful that I have ample time to take a nap today. Spring Break is over as of Monday, so I've got to gear up for that. But I'm feeling positive as I look forward, and that's a true gift.

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