Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day 14 -- Expectations

Today's class was hard. The room felt hotter than usual--and more humid. I felt weak and got light-headed more than usual. It was hard to settle in. I had to sit out a couple of sets here and there.

I did my best, and it helped that Jeff was teaching. He's one of my favorites. It also helped that Patrick went with me today; it was very nice to have company.

But maybe part of the problem was this. It's Saturday; I got to sleep in. I got a little more sleep than usual (we were up later, too, though). I had my best friend with me. We don't have much else scheduled for today. For all of those reasons, I think I went into the class expecting it to be a little easier than it is during the week.

Did my expectations set me up for a fall? Not sure. And everybody tells me that progress is not a constant vector; there will be good days and less good days.

I'm still mulling it over. I'm glad I went, as always, and my slushy-cold Vitamin Water tasted as delicious as ever on the way home. There were good things about today's class; it just wasn't what I was expecting.

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  1. I'll be taking my 52nd Bikram class this week (hopefully my 53rd and 54th too--I set a goal to do 100 classes between August 14 and August 15) and there have been some hard classes, and then there was the HARD class. It happened about 3 weeks ago--all these same things you mentioned here: too hot, too humid, lightheaded, nauseas, I had a really hard time regulating my breathings and kept gulping air through my mouth. My class is half an hour from home, so usually by the time I get home my face isn't bright red anymore and I can say "great class" but I got home this time and my husband asked what was wrong, I felt like I couldn't think "all the way" if that makes sense. It was awful. If I'd had that class early on, I don't think I would ever have gone back. In evaluating it, I think I had not drank enough water in the 24 hours leading up to it, I had just flown back from Boston two days before and wasn't sleeping great, and other gals had said the room seemed extra hot. I think it was a combination of things that hit me all wrong. But it was horrible and I found myself really nervous for my next class. I didn't go back for almost a week, but then I made sure to be super hydrated (about 160 oz in the 24 hrs before class) and I made sure to really focus on my breathing and avoiding depth that threw that off (when you breathe through your mouth you trigger stress hormones) I had a MUCH better class. When I went a few days later I kept the same focus, and could reach my normal depth. You are certainly not along in a bunk class--I'm so sorry--Next class will be better.